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This facility is a magical place. I may not make it in often, but when I do, I am loving life. They had my heart when I was offered coffee upon arrival.
— Paul D

My mobility, flexibility, and strength have greatly improved working with the team. Who would have ever thought I could learn to bear crawl at my age! Come try it out!
— Janet G

Fernando Garcia and the crew got me ready
to fight at Masters World’s in Vegas. I didn’t know
if I could compete but they fixed me. They know what they’re doing.
— Sam M

Dr. Buth changed my life. The massage he prescribed for me with Fernando was customized to what I needed.
— Fred C

When I first met Brian [Chandler], I couldn’t get up out of bed without pain. It took me forever to get lose and ready to play, and I took multiple anti-inflammatories and pain medications to be able to be on the field every day. I am now 33, and after working with Brian, I feel better physically now than I did at 25. His knowledge and desire for helping people is second to none. I’ve been around a lot of brilliant people in the strength and wellness industry, but Brian tops the list. Any athlete who wants to get to their highest level should seek him out.
— Nick H, Catcher, San Francisco Giants