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When I first met Brian [Chandler], I couldn’t get up out of bed without pain. It took me forever to get lose and ready to play, and I took multiple anti-inflammatories and pain medications to be able to be on the field every day. I am now 33, and after working with Brian, I feel better physically now than I did at 25. His knowledge and desire for helping people is second to none. I’ve been around a lot of brilliant people in the strength and wellness industry, but Brian tops the list. Any athlete who wants to get to their highest level should seek him out.”


Since working with Dr. Buth, I've paid more attention to the preventative measures I can take towards minimizing or eliminating back pain altogether, and I've created some good habits as a result of his direction and teaching. Although I knew that having a job that involved sitting at a desk could be harmful to my posture over time, I seriously underestimated how much damage could happen and how quickly it could happen. My exercises, like deadlifts and squats, had become affected, so learning to make a conscious effort of combining proper breathing and a more polished technique became important, just in everyday tasks, in order to make it more second nature and a habit. This not only helped with everyday relief, but it made my back "relax more" when it came to performing strength exercises. My back hasn't seized up since my visit with Dr. Buth, and any time I start to feel something 'not quite right', I re-focus on what he taught me to ensure it doesn't happen again.   

- Bo Northrup

Both my husband and I were treated at Elevate. Our experience was outstanding. Staff is very friendly and helpful.  I consulted with Dr. Buth for upper back pain I was experiencing.  After a few appointments with Dr. Buth my pain subsided and I am pain free. I liked that Dr. Buth does not rush through your appointment and takes the time needed to minimize the pain experienced. Suggested what exercises I should avoid or continue to optimize recovery. I continue to workout pain free.
Dr. Buth is very concerned about your well being and getting to the bottom of the issue that brought you into Elevate for treatment.

- Toby S


Elevate's staff, all disciplines, are best in class from when you walk in the door to completing your session there. Your personal needs are assessed in detail and professionally tailored to address them in a very sport-specific, outcomes driven way. Coming from a professional sports background and now parent to young athletes, I am extremely confident their experienced services and programs produce sustained, behavior-changing results for athletes of all ages.

- Anthony B

Fernando Garcia and the crew got me ready to fight at Masters World’s in Vegas. I didn’t know
if I could compete but they fixed me. They know what they’re doing.


My mobility, flexibility, and strength have greatly improved working with the team. Who would have ever thought I could learn to bear crawl at my age! Come try it out!



Not only is the treatment provided, expertise demonstrated, and experiences had here of the highest quality, but everybody involved at Elevate SPC makes you feel welcome and like you can achieve greatness. During my time with Elevate SPC, I have accomplished things I never thought I could as I continue to improve and grow with every session. I encourage anyone who seeks anything from athletic improvement, to injury prevention, to physical therapy, and much more, to visit this wonderful establishment!

- Michael B


The entire crew at Elevate are very personal and genuinely care about your progress. Everybody is an athlete in their eyes. Very motivating staff that I look forward to working with all the time. Working with Elevate has become an essential piece of the puzzle. Every workout has been different, having it's own challenge to overcome. Diversity is an athletes best friend. Since working with Elevate, I've been getting closer to becoming the full circle athlete and well rounded individual. Elevate has improved my riding and daily workload. As an elite cyclist, riding a lot is a big part of it. My training ceiling has increased, my fatigue on and off the bike has decreased, thus improving my recovery. Getting me back on the saddle faster and as a result making me faster.

— Joe G

Elevate takes a whole body approach to your treatment. The team at Elevate evaluate all aspects of what could be causing your pain or limiting your motion. I never felt like I was receiving a generic approach to injury treatment and always felt like the treatment would be manageable.

- Jenny S


Dr. Buth, Brian, Max, Fernando, Brad, Katherine, and staff of Elevate: Thank you so very much for all the work you have done and will continue to do for me. 3+ years ago, my friends Bill Weinberger and Jason Edminson set me up at Elevate to be assessed and a program to be developed. Since then, I have immensely benefited from 4 days a week of training and 1 day of therapy. My overall health, flexibility, range of motion, balance, and strength have substantially improved. As a 71 year old 45 year weight lifter, there was a great deal to overcome, and you have! The energized, warm, family-feeling atmosphere is matched only by the expertise of all of you! I am so very grateful and will continue with therapy and to train with you.

- Randolph


Elevate is a multipurpose faculty and they do everything in an excellent fashion. Between fitness training (both individual and small group), massages, diagnosing injuries and treatment they’re staff is superb. Max will motivate you into great shape, Brian is recognized as one of the top 50 golf instructors in America, Fern gives outstanding massages and Dr Buth has personally helped with numerous aches and pains and has put me on the fabulous road to recovery. The entire facility is highly recommended

- TG

I was fortunate to find Max Jones while recovering from a trail running accident.   He quickly honed in on my imbalances and helped me regain my confidence.  I had weekly improvements in paces, mileage and overall strength while not being overly sore.  Max is a caring and intuitive endurance strength coach.   He restored my inner athlete and I am forever grateful!

-Kimberly K