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Flexible Grains with Shrimp

Happy Monday Elevate family and friends! Flexibility is important…I think we all agree on that. But flexible grains? What does that even mean?!?! In this recipe, “flexible grains” means feel free to substitute the quinoa for something like brown rice, kamut, farro, or barley. (Kamut is a high-energy, high-nutrient ancient grain). There’s also a lot of room in this recipe for flexibility with your choices of vegetables.

This was such a fun recipe to re-create. It uses lots of oils, switching them up for their higher heat tolerance (avocado oil) and their slight changes in flavoring, makes for some really fun surprising flavors in the final product. The fresh minced ginger helps with the flavor surprises also, and if you’re a ginger freak like me, feel free to add an extra pinch!

This was a simple recipe to double up, and to cut down on prep time before the meal, I was able to pre-cook the quinoa and chop all of my vegetables the day before. And chop I did!!!

I used this recipe to basically clean out the produce bin in my refrigerator. There were some sweet cherry tomatoes that weren’t going to last much longer. I cut them in half and added them to the handful of snow peas left over from a previous recipe. Last week I needed some chopped purple cabbage, so there was a good sized chunk of cabbage left. And…surprise!!! Purple cabbage turns your shrimp a fun crazy blue-grey-purple color but doesn’t mess up the flavor! 

You can really use just about any and every vegetable in this recipe, creating a different flavor depending on what you use. 

I served mine in a large soup bowl over a base of power greens. (Almost all of my meals are served on a base of power greens as an easy way to get my 2 handfuls of greens a day!) I included the magazine’s picture of the final product because their presentation was so much more creative than mine. 

Have fun creating your own version of this flexible recipe, switching up the grains and vegetables, and then visit us at Elevate to work on your body’s flexibility! (And if you want recipe tasters after you try this recipe, bring it to us for lunch – we’re happy to help!) 

Until next week, happy healthy eating from your friends at Elevate Sports Performance and Chiropractic!