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Excess Inflammation = Pain and Excess Weight

     Pain and weight gain are terrible symptoms that decrease our quality of life.

     First, let's look at pain and it's a correlation with excess pain. During the first couple of days of an injury, our body uses inflammation to heal the damaged body parts. When we see lasting pain, or chronic pain, a lot of the time our body is producing too much inflammation. Why? There are a couple of reasons that this can happen: 

  1. Not letting the body heal because of bad movements and lack of movement

  2. Heightened inflammatory reaction due to what we put in our body 

     Most of the time we hear patients and clients managing inflammation with Advil, Aleve or some other medications, and there is definitely a time and place for these meds to controlled pain. What if we made sure we have a healthy inflammatory response in our body, so we don't have to keep taking these meds that have bad side effects?

     Proactively taking supplements and choosing foods that are anti-inflammatory gets our bodies primed to have the best response possible when injury hits. Don’t be the reactive type of person that only starts helping themselves when an issue comes up. The goal is to be prepared ahead of time so you can get over your pain quickly and improve your overall quality of life.

     There are great resources for anti-inflammatory diets online. Clickhere for a quick overview.

Supplements that are great additions to a diet are:

  • Quality Fish Oils

  • Turmeric

  • Alpha lipoic acid (Amino Acid)

  • Curcumin

     Add these to your proactive routine to have the best preparation for inflammatory reactions in YOUR body. Protect and reinforce your body, it's the only one you got!
Next week we will explain how inflammation and weight gain are correlated.

Until then, 
-Dr. Kyle Buth