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It hurts when I must get up off my chair!

This is by far the most common symptom of low back pain that comes into the office. A patient will say, “After being seated for (insert any amount of time) going from seated to standing causes me significant pain.” This movement is something that MUST be done every day for any patient that works in an office. We can’t let them continue to irritate that area over and over again and expect to see progress. Think about ripping the scab off a healing injury every day, even multiple times in a day. Sounds awful right? Let’s go over a helpful concept and apply it to getting off the dreaded chair.

The saying “Lift with your legs” is something that almost everyone has heard of, I have yet to have a patient say they haven’t. The application to daily tasks, such as getting out of the chair, is where the disconnect happens.  

  1. Scoot close to the edge of the chair

  2. Bring your feet under your body as much as you can

  3. Lean slightly forward with a flat back

  4. Push the ground away with your feet, maintain the same back angle

 This is something that can be practiced, and you will get better at it as you continue. We have an incredible body that can heal and get stronger if we give it the opportunity.

 Yours in health,

 Dr. Buth