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Part Two - Excess Inflammation = Pain & Excess Weight Gain

Last week we touched on how the body can have more pain and inflammation due to the things that we put in our body. Getting the body in a low inflammatory state on a regular basis decreases the risk of unneeded flare-ups of inflammation. Check out the resources on the previous email or on our page for more information on that.
We want to shed light on why inflammation has a large correlation to what we see on the scale.

Changing to an anti-inflammatory diet can alter a ton of functions in the body. Chronic low-grade inflammation will impair functions of adrenal glands, the gastrointestinal tract, and the water balance. When a patient/client changes their dietary intake to decrease inflammation there is commonly a drastic change in weight. Are they all the sudden having a drastic fat loss? Most likely not. With excess inflammation, we can see a lot of fluid retention which results in excess weight. Once that inflammation goes away, their bodies process are more healthy and extra fluids are shed.
Imagine a sprained ankle and how much that area will swell up.


The picture above is pretty drastic but imagine if there was that inflammation and swelling in the entire body. That is a big change in fluid retention. The benefits of changing to a highly anti-inflammatory diet are commonly weight loss. If you are having trouble shedding weight or have chronic pain look towards inflammatory process keeping you from your goals.
If you need help with directing and implementing an anti-inflammatory diet Zoe can get you on the right path. Call to set up a free consultation, 702.558.2151.
-Your Elevate Team

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