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2019 – Your Year of YES!

 I know what you’re thinking…”No! Not another article about New Year’s resolutions.” Well, you’re right. This isn’t another article about New Year’s resolutions. So please read a little further.

At the beginning of 2018, Coach Max and I started a 100 day challenge to walk/run at least 1 mile every day. It sounded challenging but not impossible.  Committing to 1 mile every day required a bit of planning, and carving out time just for ourselves. The daily mile started as something I wondered if I could do, and grew into something I looked forward to. My daily mile became somewhat of a mental safe haven for me in the middle of some hectic days. When day 100 rolled around, I couldn’t just give up that habit – the lifestyle I had built. On December 31, I celebrate day 365 of 1 mile a day.

For 365 days I will have said “yes” to myself by taking the time to walk 1 mile. Sometimes I walk in silence. Sometimes I walk and catch up with phone calls, music or podcasts. Sometimes I FaceTime my mom. I’m ready to roll my daily mile into 2019, and add a new 100 day habit. I’m leaning towards re-committing myself to daily reading or journaling.

Please consider this an invitation. An invitation to say “yes” to yourself. An invitation to say “yes” instead of the usual “no” that comes with making changes. This is an invitation to you, from yourself. A chance to say a resounding YES! to yourself. A chance to choose one small healthy habit to practice once a day. Not just for an indefinite period of time, but for a precise amount of time. Exactly 100 days. I’m not talking about choosing something difficult like “give up sugar” or “give up beer” or “go gluten free” or “be 100% vegan.” Those are actually much more vague than what I have in mind. I’m talking about something small and simple. Something you are relatively certain you can carry out every day. Something like “walk 1 mile every day” or “floss your teeth” every day or “drink ½ your body weight in ounces of water” every day. It could be making your bed every day, reading 10 pages (or for 10 minutes) of a book every day. It could meditating for 5 minutes, or sitting and watching a pot of water boil every day (No kidding on that last one. Give it a try!)  The point is, commit to one simple healthy task for 100 days and you will have not just created a habit, you will have created a lifestyle. You will have created a small success. Small successes breed large successes.

 Start 2019 by saying “yes” to yourself every day for 100 days by practicing one new healthy habit. Add something positive to your new year. You will thank yourself!

A very happy and healthy new year from all of us at Elevate Sports Performance and Chiropractic!

Zoe AlbrightComment