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How many times have you been told to lift with your legs and not your back?

When a patient present with low back pain and it starts after lifting something heavy or bending forward, it's very common for someone to say that they should have moved with there legs instead of the low back. That suggestion can be given over and over, but if that movement is not understood or performed properly it will NEVER be effective. A lot of people know to not lift heavy things with their back, but in my experience they don’t have any idea how to truly lift with a steady low back and use the hip and legs to create movement.

Knowing how to make the back strong and steady is crucial for back health. I think this can be one of the best concept to learn for someone that has had multiple episodes of back pain.

We will start with understanding a bracing strategy to steady the back. Check out the video below to understand how bracing strategies are practiced:

If the concepts in the video are hard for you to grasp its okay! This is something that needs to be practice a lot to get it right. Get comfortable having the tummy pressed out even if its not visually pleasing. This strategy is only used while you are lifting objects and you need to stabilize your low back. PRACTICE! Next week we are adding in movement while maintaining this stabilization strategy.