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My Foot Is Influenced By What?

This week we are wrapping up how the foot influences the function of our lower half of our bodies. Our focus with this write-up and video will be at the hip level. When looking at the structure of e the hip we see this joint as a mobile segment. It’s main function is to create as many possible degrees of motion as structurally possible. If we start to lose the degrees of freedom in the hip it can be costly to other joints in lower body, especially the knee.

Everyone has unique hips and they definitely do not allow the same amount of movement from one person to the next. It's our job to figure out what we can do to increase the function of the hip and also see what the limitation are. In the video below we show a couple assessments of the hip that give us a lot of information on the ranges of motion it has. We will also go through a couple ways to work on gaining hip range of motion. Check it out:

Recap on the prior weeks:

Toes - Especially the big toe needs to be very mobile. We like to see the ability to spread the toes apart.

Arch/midfoot - Here we need build strength and stability. This is how we absorb forces, and because of that, the tissues on the bottom of the foot need to be very strong.

Ankle - This is another joint that is intended for mobility. The structure of the ankle complex shows us we need to keep this joint as mobile as possible.

Hip - Like the ankle and toes this joint needs mobility and great ranges of motion. Efficiency in walking, running, or anything else that requires moving your body from point A to point B will most likely benefit from great hip action.

If you tested yourself and saw some things that looked a little restricted, get to work on those couple of movement we went over. These movements are not for everyone, so if it doesn't feel beneficial to you we just have to find what is optimal for you! Remember all of these things all have influences that CAN stem from the foot. Keep the entire chain in mind when you are trying to ELEVATE your function.

Your Elevate Team

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