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What is Our Connection to Earth?

I’m not getting philosophical on you, I’m talking about FEET.

In the past, we have spoken about plantar fasciitis (Link here) and some things that contribute to that issue. Today we want to begin to look at the way our foot should work to give us the best chance of eliminating dysfunction.

We are starting at the toes. The toes can tell us so much about our walking and running patterns. We look at the foot and ankle complex and classify the areas into what most commonly we need. For example the toes, we classify those joints as mobile joints because commonly we lose range of motion (mobility) at these joint. I think one of the most important toes to assess is the big/great toe. We need to make sure that toe has adequate movement because it has such a big job in propelling us forward. Watch below for what YOU can do to get these toes moving in the right direction if you find limitations:

Next week we are moving up the chain to the ankle and seeing how the toes and the ankles move together. We will continue this all the way up to the hip.

Our body doesn't work in isolation at one joint, we have continuous chains that create movement.

Get those toes moving as well as possible to create a good connection to the ground!

Dr. Buth and the Elevate Team

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