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What influence can the ankle have on the foot?

The past two weeks we looked at the requirements of the toes and midfoot or arch. We went through some easy tools to help those areas and get them working more efficiently. This week we are going to look at the ankle and its responsibilities when we are using our feet. You will see a trend in the way our joints are suppose to interact with one another. Generally toes needed mobility, the arch needed stability and now in the ankle needs mobility. The way the ankle joint is structured it has a ton of potential to move. It should have range of motion up, down, side to side, clockwise, and counterclockwise. If this is not the case and the ankle is limited other parts of the chain will try to help out. When these other areas are forced to help out we can run into trouble. Watch the video below for more explanation and tools to work on ankle mobility:

This is a joint that we believe can see big changes with some consistent effort. When we see changes in range of motion quickly, as in within a 30 min session, we know that that can go back to its original range of motion the next day. But, if we consistently get those results the change becomes more and more permanent. CONSISTENCY is key! Joint usually don't stiffen up overnight so they shouldn't be expected to loosen instantly. Your efforts are what will get you lasting progress.

Dr. Buth and Your Elevate Team