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The Foot Continued.....

Last week we were looking at the toes and specifically the big toe. The article and video can be found here (Big toe article) to catch up if you missed it.

We are moving on and looking at the next area up the chain of the foot which is the midfoot, or the arch. This is a very well known area for anyone active because of the words plantar fasciitis. Most people have either had pain in the arch of the foot or no someone who has. Commonly, this area is self treated with rolling a lacrosse ball/golf ball/frozen water bottle to loosen the tissue up. Mashing the tissues on the bottom of the foot is not always the answer to overcoming arch dysfunctions. Now that can be helpful, but at the same time we classify this area as one that tends to need stability and strength. The arch is made to help absorb forces so it needs to be strong to do so. This area often gets painful when the tissues get asked to do too much!

Check out below how we want the arch to function in relation to our toes, to walking and running, and also things to do to strengthen the arch:

The foot’s health can be significantly impacted by both the toes and the arch. We want to make sure you have a better idea of what is needed to get good information from our feet as we are using them all day. If one link in the chain is dysfunctional it can influence a lot of other areas in the body. Next week we keep moving up the chain and see how the ankle reacts to our foots function.

Keep those feet happy and they will take care of you for a lifetime!

Dr. Buth