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Not Our Average Patient

The exploration of pain the past couple weeks, and what potentially can contribute, has hopefully been enlightening and changed the way you think about pain. We looked at the how organs, our psychology, and even the environment we place ourselves in can potentially contribute to pain. This is a write up of a patient that I believe had a little bit of all types of pain contributions.

The patient came to Elevate with hopes of becoming much more functional, resilient and live pain free. Due to a chronic low back pain his function, work output and overall fitness plummeted. He was a solid golfer and able to weight train regularly until pain crept into his life. His immediate goals were to get out of pain and be able to work and train without debilitating pain. After an exam we started working immediately on both the pain in his mid and lower back while also finding out where his entry level of fitness was with some 1 on 1 training with one of our top trainers Brad Thompson. The progress we saw in pain and being able to do some resistance training was going well, but some pain remained.

After week 2 we had to cancel an appointment because after advanced imaging was done there were kidney stones found.

(This image is for reference, not the image taken of the patient)

(This image is for reference, not the image taken of the patient)

This isn’t a very serious medical finding but it can be a huge source of pain and muscle spasm/guarding around the area. As the stone was passing the back pain increased and the fitness work he had been doing was obviously put on hold. It finally passed. There was a significant amount of pain reduction and he was able to get back to Elevate for treatment and training. The nerves that control the kidneys originate close to the areas that he was having the most back pain. That kidney stone caused some serious joint locking and muscle tension that had to be addressed. After 2 ½ weeks of attacking the locked joints and muscle tension he was feeling better than he had in 10 YEARS! There was a combination of his organs, frustrated mindset, and biomechanical elements contributing to his pain. The ever encouraging, and empowering atmosphere changed his mindset on what his body was capable of performing and feeling. Treatment for regulating the joint motion and muscle tension decreased pain with movement. And last but not least the passing of the kidney stone eliminated a big source of pain. Because he is now active and on a steady fitness program he will do some maintenance treatment now and then, but he is in control of his body.

We are committed to improving the lives of patients in ALL facets pain.

Dr. Buth and the Elevate Team