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Can Pain Be Coming From Somewhere Other Than My Bones, Muscles, Tendons and Nerves?

We are continuing the discussion of what all can contribute to pain this week. Last week we brought to light the power our brain has in processing pain. We had a brief overview HERE and below we dive into what it means to have pain generated from things in the body other than our musculoskeletal system. This is referred to in medical term as somatovisceral pain. The way we can catch these types of pain is having a thorough battery of questions during the history portion of our initial exam.


The presentation of these patients is usually pain without movement provocation. A few common presentations that sometimes have somatovisceral pain origins are, random headaches, constant unrelenting back stiffness, arm pain that is throbbing or tingling, and foot/toe pain.
Headaches can have many different origins. Stress, work environment, diet, dehydration, tumors, cardiovascular complications, and mindset all can contribute to chronic headaches.
Constant stiffness and pain in a person's back with no apparent mechanical/movement irritation raise some red flags. Our organs such as the pancreas gallbladder and kidneys can be the cause of these types of pain presentations.
Throbbing arm, neck, and facial pain are a little scary when we can’t reproduce the pain upon examination. These are scary because heart and vascular issues have pain patterns that present in this manner.
Foot, toe, and knee pain that is excruciating and throbbing from no mechanical stresses and especially after certain meals are possibly due to a big inflammatory reaction. Commonly location for gout is the big toe, knee, and other joints. They present with a lot of redness and swelling.
These are just a few of the pain presentations that can be from a non-mechanical origin that we are able to catch with a good evaluation and thorough questioning. We are here to help you with these types of pain as well!