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The Smile Pain Connection

Last week we touched on the fact that how you respond to what life throws at you can be YOUR decision. If you missed it The Smile Intervention article can be found HERE (. That topic is going to be expanded upon here. The connection between The Smile Intervention article and this one is what we call the biopsychosocial model of pain. When we have goals to overcome pain and discomfort the evaluation needs to look at all aspects of what can be contributing. Most of the time patients will consider only mechanical influences on pain such as, bad posture, poor lifting form, or being seated for long periods of time, but there is much more. Here is an explanation of what each element of the biopsychosocial model is:
"The biopsychosocial model categorizes the potential influences on pain into those that occur in the biological domain, the psychological domain, and the social domain. In short, biological contributors are bodily events that activate nociceptors or drive tissue states outside of the safe homeostatic zone; psychological contributors are everything else - the things we think, say, believe, predict, feel and do (don't mistakenly think that 'do' is only in the 'bio' domain - what we do might have biological impact but the act of doing it we consider a psychological event because it is driven by the brain); social contributors relate to any interactions one has with others and the roles a person plays in his or her social world.

The true state of a person's health can be captured by the interaction of these 3 categories" -Explain Pain Supercharged


Everything that we do when it comes to overcoming pain can make a difference. The decisions we make, the actions we take, and the environments we put ourselves in will influence our bodies. Everything we do at Elevate is encouraging, empowering and energizing in hopes that YOU can live a healthier happier life. We know every situation is unique and sometimes they can be extremely complex, but we want to help with making decisions, and putting yourself in positive environments for health change! Our team is ready.


Your mind is a powerful tool. Use it wisely.


Dr. Buth and the Elevate Team