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You are the #1 Priority

There are better outcomes when everyone you work with is on the same page and everyone has the patient’s progress as priority number one. We want to bring to light that with a good evaluation and proper interventions the patient will always benefit. We recently had a patient suffering from a pretty severe hamstring injury while training for a marathon, but he is making big strides towards getting back on the racing routine he was on.
He shares some of his story below. (Click here for full story)
“On Saturday, April 7th, 2018, I was running a 16-mile tempo run for a marathon 3 weeks later. About mile 13 I felt a “pop” in my left hamstring upper attachment. It was not painful or did I have any swelling or bruising. I could walk with a slight limp. I did not run that marathon.
On Monday, April 9th, I saw my chiropractor, Dr. Kyle Buth, and he thought I might have a mild tear at the attachment (origin of the hamstring) and referred me to an MRI, which I had Tuesday, April 10th.” He explains.
Throughout the next week, we got the results of a mild tear at the origin of the hamstring and also at the belly of the hamstring. What happened next changed his injury drastically.
“On Thursday, the 19th, I slipped on a curb, hyperextending my left leg. I fell to the ground and required help to get up. It was immediately very painful and I required help walking to my car and had someone drive me home. It began to swell and some discoloration began. I spent the next 2 days walking with a cane. Later that afternoon I saw a surgeon to get his opinion about my needing surgery (This consult was made before the slip). He concluded that I did not, just rehab and recovery treatment.”
This is where we started his road to recovery.
“I saw Dr. Buth once or twice a week starting April 26th. He chose a proven hamstring recovery plan and put me on it. Each session he did a combination of muscle manipulation and exercises to test the hamstring. He also gave me exercises to do at home. My assignment was to improve at home so that at the next appointment, he could move on to the next level of tests.”
The video is a clip during one of his most recent sessions!


“It has been only 7 ½ weeks since the more serious injury on April 19th. While my hamstring is not yet back to full strength like my right leg, I am at about 75% strength and am very happy with how quickly my treatment with Dr. Buth has me back running and biking. I have no swelling, discoloration or discomfort and walk normally.”
When the outcome looks bleak don’t assume the worst for yourself. We are here to get you back to YOUR life.