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Working Out with Pain. Should I or Shouldn't I?

If you have pain with movement does that mean you should stop all together? 

This is a very loaded question.  

When I am working with people that are in pain I have to find a way to decrease the pain once that happens,  a great way to get this to stick is if we introduce proper load or resistance to the area. Often time I will hear, “That (insert movement) really hurt so I stopped it all together.” I don’t completely disagree with this. For some cases I have to completely shut down a certain movement to let the tissues heal, but we need to figure out how to keep the pain at a tolerable level and still add healthy stress to a painful area. This is the beauty of having a tool box full of different ways to load the area but not continue to irritate the tissues. I want to find your entry point back into movement and progress you back to the level you were at before the pain crept in.  

There is no doubt a major frustration when I tell a patient they are not able to do certain things, but as long as there is a plan to get them back on track, and they can see that, I can get them to comply. During the time a patient is unable to do the activity they love or need to do, we will almost never shut all of their activity down completely.  

I bring this up because I wanted to share the phases of care we believe in. Below is graph that explains the phase: 

Elevate Phases.png
  • First phase is to decrease your pain as quickly as possible
  • Second phase is finding your entry point to regaining what you have lost due to injury
  • Third phase is progressing that re-entry point by strengthening and advancing the difficulty while maintaining no irritation to pain
  • The fourth and final phase is where we want to make you better than you were before the pain

With your goals in mind, this is how we at Elevate get you out of pain and pushing towards your goals.  
IF you have any questions about this process or know someone who would be interested, please reach out to us and we can help!