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“Basic” Rosemary Socca

(“Basic”-ally the best thing I’ve ever tasted!!)

I’m pretty sure the word “basic-ally” isn’t proper English and the Nuns from my old Catholic school would whack me with a ruler if they saw this, but my point is, that this is basic-ally the best bread-ish thing I’ve ever made OR tasted!! The fact that it was ridiculously easy to make and very versatile doesn’t hurt it’s reputation either! It’s great to incorporate into a meal as a base for a salad, or as a side with soup. 
I’m going to try some variations of it later on, and I’ll be sure to post them in the comments section. 
Once you get the basic recipe down, feel free to get creative with your topping choices, and post them in the comments section! 
I made a tasty lunch after yesterday’s run using this recipe, which I’ve included in a picture. I used ¼ of the socca and topped it with arugula, salmon, sliced cherry tomatoes, and avocado. A drizzle of balsamic and a TBLSP crumble of feta, goat or other cheese would also be a great addition.

As always, happy, healthy eating from Zoe and the staff at Elevate!