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Elevate Your Budding Young Athlete Through Our Summer Training Program!

Elevate Your Budding Young Athlete Through Our Summer Training Program!

There has been a seismic shift in how we train the developing athlete. We now better understand the benefits of multi-sport involvement in making young athletes more injury-resistant and elevating their overall performance. And we know why: It’s the variety of stresses on the body while an athlete trains and competes in multiple sports due to the different skills and ranges of motions required. 
Today, we believe that for the athlete with a desire to make it to college athletics or beyond, it is imperative that he or she:

  1. Stay on the field of competition (i.e., avoid injuries). 
  2. Be adaptable to any situation that a competitive environment presents to them.

A multi-sport athlete often possesses these valuable traits. We also believe that if he or she can learn disciplines from a variety of sports, they will be better equipped to acquire new skills as they grow in athletics. 
Why are we bringing this to your attention? Because summer is prime time for growth in young athletes, and the coaches at Elevate will be guiding 20 high school athletes through an eight-week development program designed to help your young athlete be better prepared to dominate—no matter what sport they excel at. Our summer program, starting right after school is out, will focus on progressing them not only in key foundational areas such as strength, range of motion, speed and power, but also in creating a competitor's mindset!
We are looking for a group of serious athletes that have one goal in mind—to be the very best. If your child fits that description, please contact us now because space is limited for this valuable opportunity! Please see the flyer below for more information.

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