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In Case You Missed It, Bulletproof Your Low Back.

In case you missed it, Elevate recently held a great workshop on how to make your back bulletproof. We covered the full spectrum of situations, from a person in pain to keeping someone out of pain by understanding how to properly strength train. Here’s a recap:

The name of the game for those with back pain is decreasing the amount of time spent “picking the scab.” Most of the time with these patients we find that transitional movements trigger the pain—such as going from the lying to seated position, or seated to standing, or picking something up off the ground. Even if the pain experienced during these activities is small, more and more irritation builds up in the back.

How often have you heard, “I was picking up a pencil off the ground and my back seized up,” or “I was trying to get out of bed and it completely locked up.” Do you think it was that ONE little movement that caused the huge amount of pain? Most of the time it’s an accumulation of irritations. We went through various scenarios at the workshop to teach easy solutions to decreasing the amount of times the scab is picked every day. These movement strategies target the source of a patient’s problem, with the goal to create a lifestyle change, not just to apply a band aid—such as a taking pill to mask the pain.

After we taught everyone how to avoid the little irritations that can cause massive back pain down the road, we talked about how to make someone more durable. This involves building strength to eliminate or prevent pain. The progression looks like this:

Strength = Dependability

Dependability = Durability

Consistent Durability = Bulletproof

We focused on how little changes to common “core” training exercises make huge differences. We can’t count how many times patients have told us that they were given a list of exercises but they didn’t help. That’s often because their prescribed movements weren’t being done correctly. How we position a patient or client to perform a movement makes all the difference in the world. In the demonstration we showed that by just tilting the hips a certain direction a person can either feel their glutes working or the back muscles taking over. This is huge when it comes strengthening the right areas of the body.

Elevate has plans for future workshops so you can better learn and understand your body to make you better in all aspects of life.


So, stay tuned! We hope to see you at the next one.

Kyle ButhComment