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From Pain to Performance: Bulletproof Your Low Back

Elevate Sports Performance and Chiropractic would like to invite members of the community to attend a special workshop, "From Pain to Performance: Bulletproof Your Low Back,” in the gym of its clinic on Saturday, March 24.

Elevate coaches and trainers, led by Dr. Kyle Buth, will discuss misconceptions on protecting and optimizing low-back health based on their heavy involvement in both the performance and healthcare arenas. This 90-minute workshop will include demonstrations of effective new exercises and treatment for people who suffer from pain or stiffness in their low backs.

Elevate trains and treats a variety of clients in its Henderson clinic, 10909 S. Eastern Ave. (corner of Sunridge Heights), from world-class athletes to weekend warriors, including the golf teams from UNLV and Coronado High School.

“We are looking to increase performance for people who have soreness in their low back during workouts or competition, or if someone simply has chronic pain and can’t move as well as they’d like,” Dr. Buth said. “In either case, the goal is to address the problem, which can be the result of poor movement that causes energy leaks and faulty patterns. Then we look to decrease the pain, improvement movement and increase performance."

The workshop will cover:

  • • The core’s function.
  • • Myths on bracing the low back.
  • • How our bodies adapt if positively stressed.
  • • How to get the most out of training.
  • • What optimizing the low back can do to performance and quality of life.

The session begins at 1 p.m. and will last 90 minutes. Members of the audience will be invited to participate.

Please RVSP today by calling 702-558-2151 or emailing us at getresults@elevatespc.com.  You can also RSVP on our Facebook page at 

We hope to see you there!