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A New Way to Beat Muscle Soreness

Intuitively we know that exercise can cause muscle fatigue and damage. That's what soreness is—stress that causes muscle fibers to break down. But this kind of stress is a good thing because it ultimately rebuilds those fibers to be stronger and more resilient.

The body’s initial response to muscle cells that need repair is inflammation, which leads to the accumulation of metabolic waste in the body. Our lymphatic and venous systems work together to flush this waste from our cells, which is normally accomplished by muscle activation. So while soreness can be uncomfortable, muscle movement is necessary to aid the flushing process and begin the repair of damaged tissues.

And that’s why we have the RecoveryPump at Elevate.

This compression garment expedites your body’s natural healing process by squeezing your legs to create the same sort of flushing response your body achieves when it moves around. Your RecoveryPump experience consists of slipping into a pair of “boots” and relaxing while you feel them fill up with air from the bottom up. The air pressure will vary because that's how muscles work, by expanding and contracting, so during a RecoveryPump session—usually 30-60 minutes after workouts and again 3-6 hours later—you’ll feel the boots continuously cycle.

Check it out.

We are believers in this product because we know that if we can help an athlete heal from the training stress we that impose on them, then we can add more stress quicker and therefore progress an athlete FASTER.

Besides accelerating recovery time and reducing soreness, RecoveryPump can also be used to boost joint mobility and increase venous return.

To learn more or to get set up with your first session, see your coach the next time you’re at Elevate.