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EveryBODY is an athlete if the goal is to move better.

At Elevate we are dedicated to creating the best possible environment for athletes to thrive in. As part of this pursuit, during the next four weeks I will roll out a series on how our athletes can optimize their recoveries, which is a big deal in trying to achieve peak performance.

Athletes tend to let aches and pains build up until they become BIG problems. While training, stiffness and mild aches are nearly impossible to avoid, so focused recovery needs to be part of a routine. Tissues in our body can adapt and be molded to good stress, such as resistance training, as long as it has the proper progression and RECOVERY is maintained.

Today I want to dive into the subject of maintenance care in the form of wellness adjustments and mobility sessions. Athletes who put themselves in high training stress situations often get joint stiffness, and unlocking those joints regularly can really help.

First, let’s clear up two common misconceptions about adjustments: 1) The bones are NOT actually being put back into place (thankfully, our bodies are not that fragile); and 2) only the back and neck can get adjusted. Most joints in our bodies have capsules around them that house fluid and gas to keep joints sliding and gliding. With an adjustment, those capsules release built-up gas, which makes a popping sound. This quick “stretch" to the capsule relaxes muscles, tendons, and tension around the joint to promote freer movement.

So, the bones that get adjusted are not moving back into place; they are simply moving better after an adjustment.

And regarding the second misconception, watch this short video demo of a few common adjustments unrelated to the spine that our athletes and patients benefit from daily:

This is one area of recovery and maintenance that can be hugely helpful to keep you training and feeling ready to conquer your goals. It is usually done weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on the athlete, each of whom has different demands and needs.

Stay tuned for next week’s email in which I’ll cover how recovery tools such as the Marc Pro and Recovery Boots can fit into your schedule and what they will do to change your recovery rate.

Take care, 
Dr. Kyle Buth

PS:  Mark your calendar for March 24, 2018, 1:00 - 2:30 PM.  We will be hosting this year's first workshop, "From Pain to Performance: Bulletproof Your Lower Back." To reserve your spot or for more information please give us a call at 702.558.2151 or visit our FaceBook page http://bit.ly/2EUHUgd.