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Office Olympian Part Two

Last week in the first installment of our “Office Olympian” series I talked about a few ways to counteract potential physical problems produced by your office chair. (For a recap, click here.) This week I want to mention two other body parts—the top of your neck and your chest—that need a good reset after you’ve been sitting for long periods of time.
When you’re sitting at your computer, the muscles in the top of your neck are constantly contracting to keep your head in a position we call “extension," and as time goes by they become tense and irritated due to lack of movement and blood flow. This is such a small area of the body that it easily gets congested, thus causing pain.
In a similar fashion, the chest goes through the same process, but because its muscles—namely the pectoralis and scalenes—are a bit bigger they don't get as congested as the neck. Therefore pain doesn't often present itself here. But does that mean the tissues don’t need attention? Absolutely not.
Both the neck and chest muscles need time out of the shortened position that they are in while you are seated, or else problems can develop. Which leads us to the next batch of movements for your Office Olympian program:

As you can see, it's not always that we need to stretch a certain muscle but activate the opposing one to help create proper movement. Give these a try and tell me what you feel.
And stay tuned … Next week we’ll look at the low back, hips, and ankles. We will have the main areas in your body covered after next week, but then most importantly we will look at how to start implementing a plan to get these into your workday. Start training!

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