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From Pain to Performance: Bulletproof Your Back

Join us March 24, 2018, from 1:30 - 3:00 pm for our informative hands-on workshop.

We are heavily involved with both the performance and healthcare arenas, so we have been able to witness many of the misconceptions on protecting and optimizing the low back. During this workshop, we will look at what we have found makes the biggest changes in low-back pain and performance.

The discussion will include: clarifying the core’s function, myths on bracing the low back, how bodies can adapt if positively stressed, how to get the most out of lifting/resistance training, and what optimizing the low back can do to performance.

If you have pain or constant stiffness in your low back, this workshop will give insight on how to start training and moving differently to make the changes YOU need to achieve your goals.

Cost is $20.00.  existing Members will receive a 50% discount.  See the Front Desk or one of our coaches for more information,  Call to reserve your spot or click here.  http://bit.ly/2HyW3NI