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Office Olympian - Part Four

This is it! This is when you make the small changes that will grow into lifelong healthy habits.

Over the past three weeks I have given you a lot of movement and stretch options for your new Office Olympian program. If you’re a bit overwhelmed, let’s work out a plan to simplify these action steps so you are successful.

But first I want to share two quotes about implementing change in life and making things stick:

”We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit." – Aristotle

“1) Be proactive. 2) Begin with the end in mind. 3) Put first things first. 4) Think win win. 5) Seek first to understand … then to be understood. 6) Synergize. 7) Sharpen the saw.” – Stephen R. Covey

Habits are built and sustained through successful repetition over time. The longer you can be successful with the habit you are forming the easier and more automatic it becomes. Some say it takes 21 days, some say two months, before the automatic phase kicks in, but the key there is that it takes time. Will it be uncomfortable in the beginning? Probably. Will it be hard to stay compliant? Yes. Will there be small mistakes and missed reps? Most likely. Will it get easier? Absolutely. Will it take less mental energy later? You betcha. Will you succeed? YES.

Let’s get into the tools you NEED to make the Office Olympian program successful:

Reminders. You don’t want to be left with excuses like, “I just always forget to get up and move” or “I usually remember at the end of the day when I ache and then it's too late.” Here’s an app that has been hugely successful for patients and clients because it's so simple: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=bigfoot.dev.worksmart&hl=en

Here’s the version for Apple users: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stand-up-the-work-break-timer/id828244687?mt=8

A cheat sheet. Attached is your exercise cheat sheet and accountability tracker. The cheat sheet is how you can pick the couple of movements you want to do during your micro breaks at work without having to try to remember every single one. Print this out and keep it handy. Each time you are going to do parts of the program, reference this sheet. Pick a few movements (2-3), perform them during your micro break (3-5 minutes) and move on.

Accountability. One of the big reasons that individuals on a sports team will work hard to get better is they don't want to let the TEAM down. This is a great opportunity to create your team of Office Olympians while keeping yourself accountable. All you need is one person to be your accountability partner but the more the merrier. Find find your teammate and write his or her name on the accountability sheet. Mark down how many micro breaks you took. Set a goal of how many breaks you’ll need, like every 45-60 minutes. If you meet your goal, that is a successful day. Then keep track of how many successful days you have in each workweek, then over a month. And make the results visible to your team!

The WHY.  Always write down in BIG BOLD letters why you are putting forth this effort, and keep reminding yourself why! Example: "Go on family trips with less aches, workout with less pain, hike on the weekend with friends, play rec league sports.”

So, you have the tools AND you have a plan. Track your success, plan your movements and micro breaks, find the team that will make you accountable and, most important, keep your eye on the prize. Now go execute that plan and change your life!

If you need help getting out of a hole in terms of aches or pains, make sure to get ahold of us and let us get you to where you want to be. The time is now to take control of your health. We will get you in as soon as possible. Call (702) 558-2151


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