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Office Olympian Part Three

You are almost fully stocked up on your Office Olympian exercises and ready to start taking your health to the next level. This week’s email is the third and final installment of the program.

In chiropractic, we often see decreased hip and ankle function associated with increased stress on the back. If you put a little work in every day and maintain these areas you will 1) decrease the aches and pains from work; 2) know that you are putting energy into your own health; and 3) better understand what areas you need to work on.

The thing about being seated for long periods of time is that your body is not required to activate muscles, and that causes you to get comfortable with your hips at 90 degrees without muscle stabilization. That’s a bad combo. So when we need to bend forward at the hips in situations other than being seated, the stabilization/movement strategy has become incorrect, thus increasing risks for aches, pains and possible injury.

Let’s start working on that.

We need to build up the movement strategies that will protect the low back, and we need to be able to increase range of motion in the hips. In this week’s video we will reset the low back, practice a solid movement pattern, open up the hips, and loosen up the ankles.

Congrats! All of you new Office Olympians have the tools to stay ahead of the game and start adding longevity and durability to your life.

But wait … there’s more! While you now have all the exercises, I will cover the most important concept of this program next week. And that has to do with developing a PLAN to stay on your program and to not let these lessons forgotten during your busy workdays.

Until then, keep practicing and learning!