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Keep going through the Holidays!

During the holidays it gets hard to prioritize your bodies, but for those of you that want to keep putting in the work to improve yourself and maintain some quality movement, Elevate has you covered. It is important that we move our major joints through full ranges of motion at LEAST daily. Below are things we use daily when warming up our clients.The entire routine can be done in a hotel room or living room with no equipment. Think of it as warming up the body to take on the holidays. A key point is that all you need is a little space to move your body and work on you.

 Also, make sure that if you have some family members in town or you are visiting them that you get them to join you in this routine. Family, health and fitness during the holidays!

Once you know the movements, the list is below so you can make them a routine:

●       Seated Hip Rocking

●       3-Way Groin Stretch

●       Spiderman stretch

●       Windmill

●       Founder stretch

 Spend some time with each of these movements 2-3 minutes apiece.

 The routine tries to cover all major joints to fight off the achiness and stiffness that comes with stress, travelling, and not MOVING! Stick with it, set aside the 10-15 minutes a day and make it happen. You will thank yourself.

 Happy Holiday Maintenance :)