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Ice and heat it, take ibuprofen and rest it.

Have you ever been in pain or had an injury and you were told, "Ice and heat it, take ibuprofen and rest it."? 

At Elevate we believe this is only a small part of the solution,  when trying to overcome an injury or trying to eliminate pain. Patients that receive instructions that are all passive, meaning they don’t have to actively DO anything are at a much higher risk of experiencing pain longer and forming bad habits. It is much more efficient in overcoming pain when You, the patient, has a plan to actively overcome the issues. There is no doubt about it that tissues in the body need time to heal, but what you do with the rest of the body during that time is crucial. You need to have quality movements that stimulate the body to heal quicker and with better movement habits than you had before.
During the time that the tissues need to heal You need to decrease the overall stress on the painful areas, but we don't want to completely avoid it. There are times that ice, heat, and ibuprofen can be very helpful, but just because the pain starts to decrease with these things doesn’t mean we have fixed the initial problem that started the pain. Below is a slide we went over during this weekend's Bulletproof Back Pain Workshop. This is what it’s all about. Control pain, correct movements and then build great strength on top of those movements.

Road Map.png

There are so many people that follow the instruction of ice, heat, ibuprofen and rest, but there is a better way.

Come to see how Elevate’s Approach is hitting all the bases to overcome pain and create people that understand their body better. We want to give you options and a plan to increase your abilities. When your quality of life decreases because pain takes important things away from you, you need a plan to get those things back.

Let’s create the plan.

Yours in health, 
Dr. Kyle Buth