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Elevate SPC is now a Certified Fascial Stretch Therapy Provider!

Hey Elevate Family!

We are so excited to announce a new therapy modality at Elevate SPC! Two of our very own, Fernando Garcia and Brian Chandler recently spent an entire week in Arizona at the Stretch To Win Institute and are now certified to provide Fascial Stretch Therapy.

So what is Fascial Stretch Therapy???

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a form of table based stretching that is unlike any therapy we’ve ever seen. It targets the Fascial system of the body, which simply connects and surrounds every aspect of muscles, bones, and even organs in the body. The Fascial system is what connects us as one giant moving entity and has a major impact on our quality of movement. These stretching techniques are aimed at lengthening these connected fascial lines to get a much larger impact than an ordinary stretch. Some of the key differences in this form of stretching is that it uses straps to anchor the body to the table while we use traction or pulling to get a great stretch deep into the joint, which feels incredible! Most of us that have experienced traditional stretching understand what a normal stretch feels like but FST feels completely different. The best part about it is that it’s pain-free throughout the entire session.

You will definitely feel a change in the way you move and feel after just one treatment. Unlike traditional massage therapy, Fascial Stretching is done with your clothes on! This allows you to experience more time getting stretched and less time prepping or disrobing. We are seeing a huge improvement in overall recovery from workouts, tightness or stiffness, flexibility, and pain decreases from FST. Its been a great universal tool that you will be seeing a lot at Elevate SPC.

Check out this video of two of our favorite FST Stretches we use in our sessions!

We want all of our Elevate Members to experience this incredible form of therapy. We are offering a FREE 30-minute Fascial Stretch Therapy session to all current members that have a Fitness, Massage, Nutrition or Wellness membership so you can experience it for yourself! Please call our front desk to make your appointment, 702.558.2151.



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12/08/18 - Eliminate Lower Back Pain Workshop - 11:30 am - 1:00 pm
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