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From Pain to Performance: Bulletproof Your Low Back

We have another workshop coming up NEXT Weekend! 2019 is coming up very soon and it’s time to have a plan to move better and feel better. Knowing more about your body and how it can adapt is empowering for people in pain. Someone that has no guidance, no plan or no trust in healthcare providers but struggles with back pain can really benefit in joining up with Elevate next Saturday for the workshop. Some of the questions we will be answering are:

 How can I keep moving and how does that align with my goals?

  • Staying active is pivotal in the presence of pain.

  • By staying active you can regain the that are limited because of pain.

 What are the things I need to change in my life to change my pain? How can I change my work life?

  • Analyze your life, your body, and your habits.

  • Identify your parameters that are presented in worklife and see where your opportunities lie.

Is there a time frame I need to allow for healing to happen? Why hasn’t the pain stopped?

  • Our body is incredibly resilient, but it needs good stimulus and consistency for change to take place.

  • Easy, quick fixes are rarely helpful for long term help.


We want to create an empowered, educated, and strong client of Elevate SPC. If you or someone you know needs to start learning how to take control of their pain it can start next Saturday. Hope to see you there!

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