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Making Applesauce and Learning To Mountain Bike - How Hard Can It Be?

There are certain things that signal fall….or in this case, late fall/winter. It’s the season for hot soups, hot chocolate, pumpkin spice everything, and applesauce. Specifically chunky, warm, cinnamon-y homemade applesauce. Warm. On ice cream. This is also the perfect weather for mountain biking! 

Last weekend while driving up to our mountain cabin for some mountain biking, I got the urge to make applesauce. Where did that urge even come from? I’ve never made applesauce before. I don’t even have a recipe for that! I know I could have looked up a recipe online, but I figured “it’s applesauce. Cut up some apples, add water, some cinnamon….” How hard can it be? 

I use that “how hard can it be?” strategy a lot. It’s how I learned to mountain bike, earning me a trip to the ER and 10 stitches in my leg. Fortunately, I was more successful using that strategy in the kitchen making applesauce than I was using it to learn to mountain bike! The applesauce was amazing. The stitches have long since been removed and the scar has healed. 

“How hard can it be” will probably always be my approach to cooking and other challenges.

Armed with my cooking strategy and about 8 gala apples, I started chopping. No recipe. 
I’ll be honest.
I didn’t measure anything. 
I just chopped, added some water, some cinnamon and some nutmeg. Then I thought “How about vanilla?” So I added one cap-full of vanilla. (I think I remember my mom telling me that a capful was a teaspoon but don’t hold me to that!) Suddenly, I had what turned out to be, in my opinion, a brilliant idea. I had some Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea bags in my spice cabinet. I threw a couple of those in the boiling apple water cinnamon nutmeg vanilla concoction, and let it all simmer for about an hour. 

The result? 

Yummy warm, cinnamon-y, sweet and spicy apple sauce without even a hint of vanilla! Serve it hot over vanilla bean ice cream for desert, or cold with some fat free greek yogurt as a healthier low sugar version. Since there’s no sugar in the applesauce, it’s a healthy desert, that tastes positively sinful! 

Applesauce making should be safer than mountain biking, but if you screw up on the apple chopping and need stitches, let me know. I’ll send you to a good seamstress in the ER!! 
Here’s a rough guess recipe. I’m pretty sure you can’t mess it up. It’s applesauce!! How hard can it be?!?!

• 8 gala* apples cut into 1” chunks (That’s a size guess!!)
• 1 TBLSP of cinnamon (that’s a measurement guess!)
• 2 pinches of nutmeg 
• 3 cups of water (feel free to add more as some will evaporate, making your kitchen smell really good!)
• 3 Good Earth Sweet & Spicy tea bags

• Place all of the ingredients in a large pot on the stove. 
• Turn heat on low and simmer for about an hour (another guess) stirring periodically.
• When the apples are soft and start to break up, and your whole house smells like apple pie, the applesauce is done.

*You can use other types of reddish apples such as Fuji, or honey crisp, or combine a couple of different types. I’d steer clear of green apples as they tend to be too sour.