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Countdown to 2019

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Creating change or developing a new habit is a lot like juggling. If I have just one item to juggle and it’s not too big/heavy, I’m pretty sure I can toss that up and catch it without too much trouble. I can be successful with one thing. If I add a second item I can probably be successful for about 3 seconds but I’m going to miss and drop one or both things more frequently. When I add a third, I might, as a fluke, get all three going for a split second but they’ll quickly end up in a big mess on the floor and I’ll give up trying to juggle all together. The same holds true for creating change or developing a new habit.

If I try to add one new healthy habit to my life, there is a high probability that I will  be successful. If I try to add two new healthy habits or make two changes at once, my chance for success goes down. Add a third healthy habit or change and the chance of success drops even more. This is where the 100 day challenge was born.

In September, some of the Elevate family and friends launched their personal 100 day, end of the year challenge. If you did, you have 48 days (including today) until 2019 begins!

We started this as a way of ending 2018 one step ahead of the “New Years Resolution” game. Ending one year and beginning another on a positive note. Each year, as the end of one years comes to a close and a new year begins, many of us try to come up with some sort of resolution for the new year. We resolve to exercise more, take a weekly yoga class, stop eating drive-thru, quit drinking, lose 10 lbs (20lbs, 30 lbs…..)….the resolution possibilities are endless.

The New Years Resolution concept can become like juggling. We either choose things to juggle that are too heavy, or we choose to juggle too many things at once.  We either choose a resolution that’s too big, or we choose more than one resolution. Our chance of success goes down and we end up dropping the resolution altogether, creating a sense of failure. The 100 day challenge is about choosing one small healthy habit and sticking with it for 100 days.

If you missed the 100 day countdown, it’s not too late to begin your own personal challenge, ending 2018 and beginning 2019 on a positive, healthier you note.

Here are some of the ideas that I’ve heard from some of our current 100 day challenge people – feel free to use one of these or come up with your own idea:

·       Walk 1 mile a day, everyday, for 100 days.

·       Read 10 pages of a book every day, or read for 10 minutes every day.

·       Give up alcohol for 100 days

·       Switching from high fat sugary coffee drinks to something low fat/low sugar.

·       No soda for 100 days

·       Meditating for 10 minutes every day

·       Earlier bedtime

 Doing one small, simple thing every day and being successful is better than attempting a whole list of resolutions and giving up on all of them 4 weeks into the new year because it was too much.

If you’re already on a 100 day challenge, congratulations! Keep going. If you “fall off” just dust yourself off and get back to your challenge.

If you’re joining us for the daily challenge for the first time, welcome to your day 1! Please share your personal daily challenge idea in the comments section. (Someone else might be inspired by your idea!!)

Start today, and when the new year rolls in you’ll be 48 days healthier!

 P.S. If you join us for our #Burnthebird holiday challenge beginning Black Friday your daily mile habit counts towards #Burnthebird points!! Call or stop by the front desk today to register!!