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What no Rowing Challenge???? Let's Burn The Bird!!!!

Hi Elevate Family, 
Coach Max here!  

   We want to announce a fun challenge to get you through the holiday bustle and keep off those unwanted pounds that the holiday eating can lead to. 
   In years past we have always done some sort of challenge that was cardiovascular based, but this year based on feedback by YOU, our Elevate family, we wanted to  change it up to keep things gravy…( See what I did there??) 
Enter the  #BurnTheBird challenge!! 

   The #BurnTheBird challenge is designed to help give you an accountable, daily exercise that is objective and lets you maybe earn that little extra treat by “burning the bird”, aka extra calories. The #BurnTheBird challenge will run from:
Black Friday, November 23, 2018
Christmas Eve EVE, December 23, 2018.
   The #BurnTheBird challenge is a little different as there are some cardiovascular exercises AND some strength-based exercises. There are a variety of movements that you can mix up to keep it fresh. 

You MUST accrue AT LEAST 1 point every day (Minimum 30 Points Total). Your name will then be entered into a drawing to win one of three $75.00 gift certificates *towards the service of your choice at Elevate.
If you accrue the most points in the 30-day challenge timeline for male and female (1 winner each), you win the Grand Prize of $150 gift certificate*towards the service of your choice at Elevate. 

(*Gift Certificates can also be used on our website for exclusive Elevate swag.)

To earn a point, you have to complete one of the exercises to the distance, reps or weight required. You can only do 1 round of each exercise to get one point per day.  
(For example: Running 4 miles in one day, does not get you 4 points, it only gets you 1 point. However, running/walking 1 mile AND doing 100 Kettlebell Swings will get you 2 points!)

All the following exercises are worth 1 point: 

Sled Push: 100 Yards (Sled weight - Male: 135lbs, Female: 90lbs ) 

Bike: 3 Miles 

Row: 3000 Meters 

Jump Rope: 500 Skips

Run or Walk:  1 Mile  

Slideboard: 200 Slides

Kettlebell Swing: 100 Swings ( Male: 53lbs; Female: 40lbs. ) 

Price: $25 Dollars
This gets you a $25 coupon for Elevate swag, including the option of purchasing limited edition  #BurnTheBird swag.
Come into the gym to complete the challenge or complete it on your own.
We ask that if you come in during a scheduled class time that you help us keep our class quality high by not interfering with the flow of the class. 
Exercises that you do during class can count towards the total.
(For example: if you complete 50 Kettlebell Swings in class, you only have 50 more to do to get a point for that day.)
Sign up at the front desk!
We will give you a calendar to keep track of your daily progress.
Also, we will have a board up to keep track of everyone's overall progress and the flow of the competition!
Happy Holidays! 
Lets #BurnTheBird
-Coach Max and the Elevate Team 

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