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Don’t let fear guide your level of activity.

At Elevate we truly do belief that ‘Movement is Medicine’. I want to share an account when the phrase Movement is Medicine truly shined.

Our client, we will name him Fred, came into Elevate for a Functional Fitness class and was very hesitant about working out that day because over the weekend he had a significant flare up in his low back. The coach was made aware of the flare up. As a coach at Elevate we are expected to be able to identify movements that need to be modified to fit the needs of the client. In this situation all of the movements that would put Fred’s low back at risk were quickly reprogrammed for him. This is not to say Fred did not use his back, he was just given less technical movements so he had a better chance of success. The technical lifts such as a kettlebell swing, and overhead dumbbell press were swapped out for kettlebell deadlift and single arm dumbbell press. If we lower the technicality of the lift our clients can really focus on bracing and creating really good movement. These substitutions resulted in Fred coming up to our coach after class and saying he felt 10 times better than he did when he walked in. Fred did the entire workout, stressed the body in a good way and was rewarded with less pain, greater range of motion and confidence that he could move! That was just 60 minutes of MOVEMENT. There is no pill, patch, or wearable brace that will give you those type of results.


Your ability to move after being in pain is not always easily regained. Many times we have patients or clients that are really scared to move because of the fear of making it worse. We love showing them that they can overcome the pain and Movement is Medicine. This is not easy, but the freedom to move again is well worth it!

Move Well,

The Elevate Team