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Build a Strong Foundation and Lift with Your Legs

Last week we start the process of truly understanding what it means to lift with the legs. The key thing I wanted you to take away from that article is what it means to brace and breaking any of the old thought processes of narrowing the trunk to create stability. We need to build a strong foundation and that comes by making it wide. By doing this you will have the tools needed to not be scared while lifting and have a better understanding of your body.

What happens if we can’t maintain the wide foundation? I like to explain this by using the soda can analogy. If a soda can is full and has the pressure inside of it still, most people can actually stand on the can without it crumbling. As soon as we pop the top of that soda can and we lose pressure or which results in a dent in the can and loss of strength

coke and diaphram.png

(This picture is NOT advocating the consumption of soda!)

When we begin to move and lift objects with our legs we have to be able to MAINTAIN PRESSURE AND POSTURE throughout the whole lift. Check the video out for a couple movements to practice maintaining the brace WHILE moving:

Can you keep the soda can full while you are bending forward? Do you practice lifting objects off the ground safely? These are things we do every day. These are also things we practice EVERYDAY in our function fitness classes to help people get strong a safe! Join us your back with thank you.

Dr. Buth and the Elevate Team