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Mark your calendars for Assessment Week

We hope the first month of the new year has been great! 

One of the biggest philosophies we have at Elevate is assessment. We preach that assessment is the catalyst for change. 

Every member/patient that walks into our facility undergoes some sort of assessment to help us bias our process to help YOU get better! 

The week of February 5th is going to be an assessment week for our gym members! 

We want you to be prepared to do your very best! This will NOT be a how heavy for 1 rep maximum test you can perform. We want to challenge you, but to YOUR limits. Also, we have several variations of each movement, so make sure you ask your coach what they are! 

We will have the data collection sheet at the gym for you. 

Reminder: Our class format will be slightly altered for the testing week. 

  • Day 1  (Test Day A) Monday 
  • Day 2  (Test Day A) Tuesday
  • Day 3  (Test Day B) Wednesday 
  • Day 4  (Test Day B) Thursday 
  • Day 5  (Test Day C) Friday 
  • Day 6  (Test Day C) Saturday 

For example, you can see Monday/Tuesday will be the same class. That being said, you are more than welcome to come back-to-back days, but you may be sore and will be doing the same exercises. The intention of this is to test and then allow you to rest so you can fully perform at a high level! 

Can't wait to see how you do! 
Good luck and enjoy the process!