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Working Out with Pain:  Real World Experience

Someone in our Elevate community once dealt with a serious low-back injury. They’d had a goal of getting very strong and were really trying to push their body to the limit. Then, one day they tried to lift an awkward object from the ground using a really poor squat position. Click!

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Kyle ButhComment
Dinner on one sheet...

If you’ve been following our Monday recipes, you’ve figured out that chicken is my go-to source for lean protein. It’s definitely a budget friendly, versatile option. On the constant hunt for recipes using chicken, I also have to weigh them for uncomplicated prep work, few ingredients, nutritional value, and batchability. (If you have any recipes that fit those qualifications, send them our way, and your recipe may make an appearance on recipe Monday!!)

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Let’s Take This Outside!

It’s spring, which means it’s time to start enjoying some meals outside - fun to do that with friends for a lazy weekend brunch!! The problem is that I usually do my long runs or rides on the weekend, so if I don’t have something prepared ahead of time, a good brunch translates to a panic attack! (Remember, the kitchen and I are NOT friends!) 

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